emotional attachment to car, Photo by Gustavo Fring: https://www.pexels.com/photo/man-smiling-and-hugging-his-car-4895449/It’s time to do some spring cleaning of your emotional attachment and have a heart to heart with your vehicle to tell that hunk of metal that you do not love it, no you do not! Instead, inform your vehicle that you only rely on it!
If you just owned your vehicle and were content with its functionality at its purest form, you would have the highest level of peace that no other high end luxury vehicle would provide for you. Because when you’re driving a high-end luxury vehicle, you’re only borrowing the credibility of that car. If you merely kept your emotional vanity out of owning a car, you’d be amazed at how much calm would flow into your space, enriching your life with peace of mind.

Allow yourself to forgive and let go of your emotional attachment to your car.

There is an important distinction to be addressed here. The color, the wheels, the leather, the sunroof, the Bluetooth, and the rest of the flashy accessories all appeal to you. You, on the other hand, relishes a depreciating rolling box whose sole purpose is to transport you from place A to point B.

Remind yourself that provide vehicles provide an unequaled sense of freedom.

It’s having the freedom to take the keys, get in the driver’s seat, and go wherever you wan. Whenever you want. Without anything or anyone getting in the way. Until you’re stranded on the side of the road, yelling all the names you learned in high school at that gorgeous hunk of metal. Keep in mind that the freedom that comes with being a responsible car owner is more important than the vehicle itself.
Allow yourself some freedom by clearing your anxieties by conducting an audit of your automobile ownership. Simply sum up all your repair and maintenance receipts from the previous three years and divide by 36 to arrive at your total.

What is the true average number for you?

Smile and eat an entire tub of ice cream by yourself if your monthly average is less than $250.00!
Get yourself a lovely bottle of wine and sip away while smirking at your peacefulness if your monthly average is less than $175.00 on average.
If your average is less than $100.00 a month, then its time to toast to your freedom with a delicious bottle of champagne!
A friendly reminder that today’s average monthly automotive payment is well over $500.00. That’s only if all your personal numbers and credit are in line.

So, take a step outside to your car and mutter, “I don’t love you!”

Instead whisper, I have faith in you! It’s vital to know the difference between advice and opinion. Advice is based on information and experience. An opinion is completely based on what a person believes, not on what they know. It is my responsibility to provide you with experienced guidance that will produce positive outcomes.
I can lecture you by telling you that you should never eat baby carrots without dipping them in ranch dressing because they wouldn’t taste good on their own, or I can empower you by telling you that baby carrots are sprayed with chlorine to keep their orange color and remain crunchy, and that ingesting chlorine is bad for your health. Making that decision is entirely up to you. That rolling box parked in your driveway is a pile of metal and plastic, it’s a tool not an investment.
You don’t have to agree with me to benefit from the empowerment. Make sure to check in with your emotional attachment and current values. What is the true value that you get from your vehicle? You’ll find out its none of the things you based your purchases on.