Shahe Koulloukian of Mazvo Auto Care Center

Guiding You Through the Effects of Pandemic Car Ownership

Shahe Koulloukian has seen his fair share of changes in the auto industry; after all, he has spent the last 25 years as the owner and operator of Mazvo Auto Care Center. But the pandemic is an unprecedented time, and that includes attitudes toward getting from point A to point B – especially where public versus personal transportation is concerned. “If it’s not safe to breathe anyone else’s air, it’s a lot more sensible to travel in our own sanitized environment,” he says, “as opposed to a possibly-compromised rolling box being used by hundreds of other people a day.” Since opening his shop in 1995, it has been Koulloukian’s fervent mission to educate and empower Mazvo’s customers with basic knowledge about vehicle ownership. But going into 2021, the information he’d like to convey is a little different, albeit just as important: how to stay healthy and safe while driving, and gain valuable peace of mind. “It’s a daily process as we learn more about the virus and its changes. It’s important to keep up with the latest guidelines on combating its spread,” Koulloukian says. “Every car owner needs to take their limitations and turn them into innovations by empowering themselves with the understanding of the truth.” With a few simple guidelines, he advises, you can ensure the utmost safety of your transportation. First, limit the number of places you drive … and the number of people who drive your car. Know what you’re touching when you fill your tank; keypads and pump handles can be hotbeds for germs, so use contactless pay whenever possible and sanitize your hands immediately afterward. Disinfect your car’s high-touch areas (such as the steering wheel, door handles and buttons) regularly, but make sure you’re using only non-damaging, bleach-free disinfectants; Koulloukian recommends a simple soap and water solution with a microfiber cloth. Between rides, keep your windows cracked to ensure plenty of ventilation; a pinky-finger sized space is fine. And lastly, if you must rideshare, take all safety precautions and don’t be afraid to ask if the vehicle has been sanitized before you get in. After such a tumultuous year, the only thing we know for sure is that 2021 is not going to be “business as usual.” But Koulloukian is going to keep his usual business, because even during an unprecedented pandemic, cars need regular attention – and customers need the education, enlightenment, and steady sense of trust they’ve come to rely on throughout Mazvo’s 25-year history, perhaps now more than ever. “For car owners the fear is in the unfamiliar, and the shift in perspective will come from accepting the facts,” Koulloukian says. “Because the parallels of fear can cost you dearly.” Download the original pdf article here: People to Watch So-Scotts-2021-Mazvos