Shahe Koulloukian, Air Conditioning HazardsWhen living in extreme climate states like Arizona, Nevada and Texas, you depend on your cars air conditioning. We all, out of habit, sit in our vehicles and without thinking immediately turn on the A/C, but there are considerations to take with air conditioning hazards

Well, this may be a bit harmful and confusing according to scientific information. The theory is that when a vehicle has been sitting in the sun with extreme temperatures, levels of benzene may emit from the vehicle components like the dashboard, seats and door panels. So, when you get into the vehicle and turn on your a/c, you are potentially exposing yourself to these extreme levels of benzene that may be harmful to your health.

The research also shares that even if the vehicle is parked in the shade, the benzene levels are still present and high enough for you to get exposed to inhaling them.

How much truth is there to this warning? Some evidence suggests an association between exposure to benzene and an excess risk of health problems noted by the American Cancer Society. But do automobiles really produce potentially cancer-causing levels of benzene? No studies have yet documented that claim to be true.

Which leaves us with the knowledge that the potential hazard is possible and the best form of playing it safe is to simply role down your windows when you first enter your vehicle. Avoid these air conditioning hazards and wait to crank up that A/C after you begin driving.

This would be a good habit to get into that really wouldn’t hurt regardless of Fact or Fiction.