So, your engine light comes on while driving and you begin to panic and scramble of who to call and what to do. Well… here’s a secret, your panic is going to cost you more money! YES, MORE MONEY! Read on to better understand the politics of auto repair!

First thing you need to do is learn to be prepared. Find an auto repair facility that will be there to take your call when you’re in need. It’s important to be able to make a call and get the straight answer with someone you have built a trusting relationship with.

Make Some Calls

Calling any shop or using a shop out of convenience is always a high risk to get cheated, especially during an emergency situation. Consumers need to understand that when you are a coupon shopper and you’re always jumping form one shop to another for the sake of cheaper car repair is really hurting your wallets more then you know.

When you call a repair shop to get a quote over the phone that shop instantly knows that whatever price they give you, has to be very low to get you to come to them, PERIOD!

That’s the game that is played to get you in. You want a shop that questions why do you need this repair you’re calling about? Who said you need this repair? You need an auto repair shop that is open for business because they take pride in solving problems! Not Selling You New Ones!

A shop that may give you a higher quote isn’t always a bad thing either. Investigate the value you will be getting for the price you’re being quoted. You need to get into the habit of asking questions. Verify what the warranty is on that particular repair, verify what type of parts are they using, original dealer parts or aftermarket? Ask who will be working on your vehicle, a young student or a veteran of 20 plus years experience.

Know Your Car

Your owner’s manual is your cars bible, get to know it! Googling your car problems will only add unnecessary stress and lead you to believe you have bigger problems then you may have. You need to read and learn your owner’s manual! The car manufacturer put it there to help you better understand your vehicle and how it operates. Sometimes a simple answer will provide you the truth and calm your worries.

Most auto technicians are honest and hard-working and some aren’t. The world of auto repair is still susceptible to incompetence and scams and finding a shop you can trust is not an easy task. You have to begin with baby steps. Step one is to be patient and understand that it’s not going to happen overnight.

The days of the cluttered, dirty garage with old parts on the floor, dim lighting, and mechanics who wipe their hands with oil-soaked rags are no more. Those mechanics have been replaced by a new breed trained in electrical theory and mechanical and computer systems. Now called “technicians,” they generally work in clean, well equipped repair shops.

A line of open communication is crucial when trying to deal with auto repair. Spill your guts and make sure the auto repair shop is listening! If they constantly interrupt you or dismiss your explanation, walk away!

Get Referals

If you’re looking for a good repair shop make sure to ask your friends and Neighbors for their referrals. Be alert when you visit a shop for the first time. Make sure to look around. Clutter, spilled fluids, disorganization, dirty restrooms, and shabby equipment generally indicate a poorly managed business which could mean poor quality of workmanship.

You need to be very careful in choosing a repair shop. Do not fall into the trap of low oil change coupons! Do you honestly believe you’re not going to be sold a list of other things your vehicle needs when being enticed with a cheap oil change…. OF COURSE YOU ARE! They got you in for a $10.00 oil change for the opportunity to sell you something.

Ask Questions

When you do find the right shop, make sure you learn from them as much as possible. If you have a particular problem and they repair it for you, make sure to ask, how can I avoid this the next time? What warning signs did I miss or should I look for in the future?

It’s your car and you take pride in owning it and depend on it. Your first step in car care is getting to know your vehicle with the help of our trusted repair shop. Let’s remember, no vehicle is perfect. Just because it starts and runs, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have issues that need attention. The key is to build a trusting relationship with your auto repair shop to keep you advised of what’s coming next, what you need now and what you can hold off on for the future.

The auto industry is so much like the health industry as cars are like human bodies that require attention, care and maintenance. Sort of like the doctor telling you, “You Need To Loose 10 lbs” If you want to live a healthy life or “Make Sure to Put on Sunscreen” to avoid skin damage.

It’s better to be warned of what’s coming rather then get frustrated because you didn’t know. You cant be afraid of what you know! A repair shop must be willing to promote understanding by sharing value.

When you maintain your vehicle is far more important then why you maintain your vehicle.