It could happen to any driver: you hear squeaking or grinding coming from your brakes. You’re in dire need of service to keep you safe, and desperation sends you to the closest repair shop. But their dishonest, questionable business practices and unnecessary repairs end up costing you way more than you bargained for. Unfortunately, this occurs all too often. It’s exactly why I have dedicated more than two decades to raising the bar on quality auto repair. I have been passionate about raising the gold standard to make sure Mazvo Auto Car Care center begins and ends with unparalleled expertise and trustworthiness.

There are four key components of a quality auto repair shop. Please let me share with you these valuable tips on auto-repair integrity.

Customer Service

The way your auto repair facility treats you says a lot. Quality of work is important, but their attitude toward customers is equally so. “You should never feel like you’re bothering or burdening your auto shop with questions.” You also shouldn’t be made to feel bad for what you know (or don’t know) about how cars work. A mechanics job is to also explain and empower. Also, someone should greet you upon arrival; an auto shop that leaves you wandering on your own for five minutes before even saying hello may not be too eager to gain your business. You should be greeted promptly with a smile and most importantly with an empathetic attitude.


Of course you want to hear that someone can fix your engine problem, but don’t you also want to know why? A good auto repair facility will make you feel comfortable by explaining the “why” in every situation. “We encourage you to ask as many questions as you can; this is your time, there’s no reason to feel rushed,” Its imperative that you get educated first so that you know you’re making the right choices for your vehicle and your budget”


Mechanics are often portrayed as dishonest with estimates – but there are always bad apples that metaphorically “spoil the bunch.” An honest auto repair shop will listen, allow you to engage, and address your concerns, only suggesting other services if their professional opinion deems it necessary for safety in your vehicle. “A shop that’s in the business of up-selling will stand out as feeling pushy and aggressive” Additionally, an honest mechanic will offer a fair price. Sure, the competition is big, but a good repair shop should provide you with solutions, not sell you additional problems. Open, direct communication is the best foundation for an honest service relationship.


The only way an auto repair shop can be trusted is to prove themselves trustworthy everyday and for every customer, PERIOD! The only way this is accomplished is by proving they stand behind what they say and believe in.

It all boils down to one simple fact; It’s not what they say or what they do, but how they make you feel that matters the most.

Distinguishing the good from the bad can be tricky, this we can all agree on. I would like to leave you with some parting tidbits of wisdom to help alleviate your concerns…

“Service excellence can be truly defined by what a business chooses not to do well.”