woman working on a carWhether routine maintenance or necessary repair, good service all boils down to trust. There’s a lot to be said for knowing you’re not being taken advantage of. Even if you’re mechanically disinclined, you should always be able to rest assured that the problem will be fixed fairly. Avoid a scenario where you fork over $1000, a guy turns the thingamajig and tweaks the flippidy-wazoo, and your engine still makes that funny noise. You don’t need to fall victim to the sins of a mechanic shop.

We are not claiming that every repair will be expensive, but some unexpected repairs could potentially expose you to turn a $180.00 oil leak into a $1,800.00 leak into your checking account. The most fundamental element of not getting ripped off by is to only do business with an honest shop. That sounds obvious, but it’s easier said than done. From shade-tree mechanics to nationally-branded repair centers and dealerships, many shops can be less-than-completely-ethical when it comes to billing for repairs and service.

That scenario is why we at Mazvo Car Care Center are devoted to empowering our customers. When you’re that passionate about what you do, it’s not about money. It’s about truly solving and not selling. “We’ve spent multiple sessions investigating some annoying problem. Oftentimes we figure it out, recommend a $30 fix, and teach the customer how to do it themselves next time. For my customers, that kind of integrity is priceless.”

Here are some helpful hints on what to look for when narrowing down your search for a repair shop.


Failure to Listen

It’s important that the repair shop listens to what you have to say! After all, you drive it everyday and you’re the best source of how and why the problem is happening. You may not explain it properly, but your overall information is crucial for the diagnosis.

Not Being Available

Sure the shop is busy and so are you. If a repair shop cannot give you the courtesy of calling you back promptly or taking your call even if its to tell you can I call you back is a sign that they are not organized or do not have the man power to handle the work load.

Under performing

As a customer, you want three things. Speedy service, Quality service and most importantly service you can trust. We know that the world is not perfect; however a quality repair shop can at least provide 2 out of 3.

Assuming you understand all the lingo

Sure the thingamajig and the muffler bearing needs replaced, but what does that mean? Breaking it down to explain how the failed part works is much more valuable then giving me names that belong to star wars characters.

Getting Mad At The Customer

Absolutely no excuse for that! You are there for a reason and his anger has no room in the conversation because you simply cannot understand what he is trying to sell you. When you ask questions, the truth always comes out.


While this one may seem obvious, you would be surprised how many businesses over promise and under deliver. There is nothing worse then being told your car is going to be done today only to find out that he meant today next week.

Lack of Manners

One of the worse things a repair shop can do is disrespect their clients because of gender, age or lack of auto repair knowledge. You want to be given a respectful explanation that is valuable to empowering you not only for what is at hand but for the future as well.

The way a good auto repair shop can be trusted is to prove themselves to be trustworthy. They do this by standing behind what they say and believe in. A good repair shop is always ready to provide you with solutions not sell you additional problems. Open and honest communication is the best foundation for an honest service relationship. At the end of the day it’s not what they say or what they do, but how they make you feel that matters the most.