broken windshieldScams appear to be ubiquitous these days, especially on the internet. We all have this unspoken super power to think you’d be able to tell if someone was attempting to con you. But you don’t deal with it every day, so how skilled are you, really? The key is to understand that they aren’t always directly after your money. Some scammers target your money by going after your auto insurance provider through windshield repair scams. This could end up damaging you in the long run.

It could be a scam if you’ve ever been approached by someone who promises they will fix your windshield for free. Windshield repair scams are most popular in Arizona and Florida (both of which have no deductibles for windshield breakage). That being said, they can, of course, occur anywhere.

Recognizing windshield repair scams from the start can help you stop fraudulent windshield replacement activity in its tracks. Here are some empowering tips to help you avoid being taken advantage of by a potentially fraudulent auto glass deal.


Auto glass businesses with a bad reputation may be pushy and offer incentives like free vehicle washes, movie tickets, or gift cards. They may even promise to be able to satisfy your deductible with cash rebates. These firms, on the other hand, aren’t just attempting to keep you safe by mending a windshield chip or giving you a good deal out of charity. Instead, they’re usually attempting to defraud your insurance provider, so be sure to ask questions to protect yourself. NOTHING IS FREE!!


Keep an eye out for auto glass shops that wish to replace a windshield that isn’t broken or has minimal glass damage. They may be attempting to benefit from your policy by filing a claim for frivolous repairs with your auto insurance provider. This is insurance fraud, and everyone suffers as a result! Insurance firms usually pass on the expense to us all in the form of higher premiums. Instead of instantly providing you a “free” windshield replacement, reputable companies will try to repair a windshield that has minimal damage first. In addition, if you’re paying out of pocket rather than making an insurance claim, a windshield repair is a considerably more economical choice.


There are many sneaky repair shops that crave this kind of scam. Be cautious about what you sign! If you’re asked to sign any papers by a technician, make sure you read the fine print. If you don’t, you risk signing away certain insurance benefits to a shady shop that isn’t looking out for your best interests. Once an unscrupulous shop has certain rights under your insurance policy, they may inflate your claim or sue your insurance company in your name to profit from your policy.


Don’t be taken aback by an auto glass firm that could not be around next year. Using a shady repair company could lead to problems such as:


Untrustworthy repair shops may lack the necessary training, equipment, or materials to complete quality work. This could produce air or water leaks, which could cause serious damage to your car, including electrical system damage.


After a windshield replacement, most vehicle manufacturers require advanced safety systems recalibration (also known as ADAS recalibration) on many modern vehicles that have the side view mirror turn cameras. Even still, some stores fail to provide this important service, putting your safety at risk. Until the recalibration is complete, features like autonomous emergency braking and forward-collision warning may not work.


Clever retailers may file many claims in a short period of time, resulting in the cancellation of insurance coverage.


It’s possible that filing an unnecessary claim by a repair company would raise your premiums. Other policyholders may suffer premium hikes as a result of fraud losses.


If the worst happens, you could face insurance fraud charges if the business you picked made false insurance claims in your name. They wont tell you that when they push for the sale!


Every year, insurance fraud costs Americans at least $90 billion. If you believe you’ve been duped, the Coalition against Insurance Fraud recommends filing a complaint with your state’s insurance department. They also advise that you take the following precautions, among others:

  • Employ the services of a reputed auto glass repair firm. Your insurance agent can help you find the information you need. You may also make an appointment with a car glass shop that works with your insurance provider online.
  • Make sure the auto glass repair firm you choose offers a warranty on windshield repairs and replacements.
  • Examine your bill for any overcharges. You may have been duped if you need a small repair and a shop bills your insurance company for a total windshield replacement.

Scamming is synonymous with influence peddling, and you must be your own first line of defense in order to prevent your curiosity from getting the best of you